• Why IIA?

Launched in February 2020 within the body of IMM collaborates with specialists in their field on strategic asset management, investment directing, and international promotion.

How does IIA Operate?

  • Proactively collects the information on priority projects from the IMM and its subsidiaries.
  • Analyzes the data, evaluates the return rate from the perspective of the free market and transforms these into a comprehensible format for the investors.
  • Informs the IMM on potential investors.
  • Coordinates the related departments of the IMM.
  • From its launch to its end, it follows up the investment.
  • Introduces Istanbul, the IMM, and priority investments to the investors and financiers.
  • Provides mediation to investors before the IMM and its subsidiaries.
  • Coordinates the information requests of the investors.
  • Provides consultancy to the investors on the legislation and the functioning of the IMM.
  • Executes the coordination of required field visits.
  • Protects the public interest during the valuation of the projects while safeguarding the investors’ free market dynamics.
  • Draws the foreign investors intending to use not only the IMM but also Istanbul as a base to the city and supports their investing processes.

Unique Characteristics of IIA

  • A Team with top-level know-how and experience in international investment area
  • Powerful local and international networks
  • Professionalism and Quality in Global Standards
  • Direct access to the decision-makers within the body of the IMM
  • An approach that comprehends and connects the expectations of the public and private sectors
  • Capacity to maintain the coordination of the bureaucracy required in every step of the investment

Why Collaborate with the IIA?

Investments stipulate seeing the big picture without ignoring the fine details.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and its 30 different affiliates active in prominent sectors have been working in cooperation and harmony with the Istanbul Investment Agency (IIA).  IIA takes part in IMM’s various segments ranging from the executive level to the experts processing technical data.

With its constructive approach and international competence as well as a 360-degrees’ perspective of all units based on trust, IIA reaches the most accurate and useful information and coordinates the standard components for revealing a perceptible product.