• Water Management

We aim to carry Istanbul into the 21st century with the investments in new potable water and wastewater treatment plants.

Istanbul is a city with limited water resources and an ever-increasing population. The efficient utilization of the resources and treatment of wastewater is among the most critical requirements of our city. Construction of the environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art, and sustainable plants for achieving a more just, greener, and healthy community is our priority.

The projects we planned are as follows:

  • Advanced biological processes and facilities for wastewater treatment
  • Potable water treatment plants
  • Construction of wastewater tunnels
  • Sewage sludge drying systems
  • Sewage sludge incineration facilities
  • Deep-sea discharge systems
  • Solar energy and renewable energy projects for the required energy

Istanbul Investment Agency shall evaluate the potential investors’ proposals for cooperation in a model where the funds required for the investments are provided by these investors.  Models such as revenue sharing, build-operate-transfer and project-based joint venture will be evaluated and selected as part of the revenue-generating projects carried out for the benefit of public property and in line with the public-private cooperation principles.