• Turkey’s Economic Powerhouse


In domestic and international comparisons, with its resilient economy, Istanbul has always been a Pioneer, particularly in terms of its market size and the macroeconomic, financial indicators. The city has a tremendous competitive advantage.

  • Istanbul’s economy accounts for 31% of Turkey’s GDP. Istanbul contributes to 60% of Turkey’s foreign trade, 58% of the country’s overall commercial deposits, and 47% of tax revenues.
  • With respect to the financial and macroeconomic indicators, the city is well ahead of other cities.
  • Compared to Turkey’s average, Istanbul’s economy faces less recession problems. (Turkish Statistical Institute)

Istanbul is a high power engine that provides 31% of Turkey’s GDP, valued $257 billion:

  • By the end of 2018, %13 billion 163 million inflow of Foreign Direct Investment was received by Turkey, most of this amount was received by Istanbul.

  • According to 2019 data,  Istanbul’s share in Turkey’s export volume of %172 billion was %86 billion while the city’s share of imports amounted to 50%, valued at  $106 billion within Turkey’s total import volume of  $203 billion.
  • With approximately TRY72 billion, Istanbul has been the city to receive the highest level of public investments in 2002-2018.
  • As of 2019, with a 40% ratio, 147 out of the 454 Shopping Malls across Turkey were located in Istanbul.

  • With 933 projects, the amount of public investments in 2019 was TRY9 billion 557 million.
  • Istanbul ranked 53rd in the Global Financial Centers (GFCI).
  • 38% of Turkey’s corporate taxpayers are in Istanbul.
  • 37% of Turkey’s industrial production is achieved in Istanbul.
  • Istanbul’s share within Turkey’s industrial sector’s added-value is 41,6%.
  • Twenty thousand industrial enterprises are active in Istanbul.


    • Strategic Position
    • A Strong Economy
    • A Center of Regional Transport
    • A Rapidly Developing Internal Market
    • A Developing and Expanding Infrastructure
    • A Powerful and Innovative Private Sector
    • Advantageous Investment Zones
    • An Incentivized Investment Environment
    • Growing R&D and Entrepreneurship
    • Innovation
    • A Competitive Tax System
    • Qualified and Cost-Efficient Labour
    • International Fair and Congress Centers
    • International Airports and Seaports.