• Tourism

Istanbul is Yours and Tourism is Your Future

Vision: A culture-oriented and sustainable tourism that preserves and strengthens its original, cultural and natural values; diversifies alternative tourism types and professionalized at all levels competes with the world and integrates with its inhabitants.

Number Of Tourists Visiting Istanbul:

2019 : 14.906.633

2024 : 17.000.000 (Goal)

Length Of Accommodation In Istanbul:

2019: 2.6 days

2024: 5 days (Goal)

Average Tourist Spendings Per Person:

2019: 457 USD

2024: 1200 USD (Goal)


  • Increasing the duration of stay at the accommodation facilities in Istanbul
  • To increase the average tourist spending per person
  • Increasing the diversity of urban experiences
  • Spreading tourism activity across the metropol
  • Diversifying tourism types
  • Increasing accessibility to Istanbul and within Istanbul
  • To Increase service quality
  • Increase the quality of the existing bed capacity
  • To give priority to the development of 3-star hotels and boutique hotels
  • Augmenting tourism information offices and strengthening tourism agencies
  • To develop participatory and transparent management models to manage the tourism sector
  • Increasing the capacity of citizen investments in the sector
  • Increasing the citizens’ ability to use tourism opportunities
  • Not reflecting the negative externalities arising from the developments in the sector to the urban population
  • While developing tourism in areas with unique cultural and natural values, not to exclude local people and prevent their alienation
  • To ensure that local people perceive, adopt and develop the natural and cultural values in their environment
  • To ensure the preservation and continuity of the original characters in the places that have the function of tourism.