• The Mayor


With its geographical, historical, and cultural wealth, Istanbul is one of the most prominent metropoles in the world.

We have been exerting efforts to elevate and glorify our city in a fashion worthy of its historical significance and to increase the life quality, peace, and happiness of the Istanbulites.

To this end, we have been working on plans and developing projects in every sphere of life, from urban development to infrastructure and environment, from healthcare to education, sports to arts and culture.

Thanks to the services launched by our institutions, we have been invigorating the city’s economy, creating job opportunities, and reshaping Istanbul’s future in line with an active, efficient, and modern approach.

Istanbul, Europe’s Largest City

Istanbul, with its 16 million residents, is the largest and most populated city in Europe. Our program on investment and related services is the step towards a brand-new era as part of our services to our city, the ancient cradle of civilizations.

Acting in line with our new generation municipal approach beyond the classical understanding of municipal works in a transparent and accountable financial structure are among the main principles of our administrative mentality.

We aim the innovations we will be developing to serve as models to other cities of the world. The participatory administrative approach we apply to fulfill the requirements of our city by tackling them with realistic analyses has been signifcantly contributing to our target of a democratic municipalism that treasures the civil initiative. We believe that our administrative understanding based on the participation of citizens will be transforming the whole society into volunteers of this city. Above all, we are chasing a sharing, kind, sincere and social ideal.

We continue to launch our services and investments within the scope of our priorities of rendering Istanbul the world’s most liveable city and making our society happy.

Paved with Gold

Presently, over 40k international companies are established by entrepreneurs from over 100 nations who invested in this city.

We have already identified our programs that cover the investments and services we will be accomplishing in 2020-2024 towards rendering Istanbul a pleasant and smart city with high living standards.

We reinforce Istanbul’s quality of being a global metropole preferred for investing, working, and visiting.

With the establishment of the Istanbul Investment Agency, we aim to stimulate the significant economic potential of the city while strengthening Istanbul’s quality of being an attraction center for international investors.

Those who will invest in the high winds of change and progress in Istanbul will always be winning.


Mayor of Istanbul