The Green Deal is a text that consists of 4 main points and clarifies the EU’s role in tackling climate change. It is a response to environmental challenges. It is a new growth strategy aiming to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy where there are no net emissions of greenhouse gases in 2050 and where economic growth is decoupled from resource use. It also aims to protect, conserve and enhance the EU’s natural capital, and protect the health and well-being of citizens from environment-related risks and impacts. At the same time, this transition must be just and inclusive. The environmental ambition of the Green Deal will not be achieved by Europe acting alone. The drivers of climate change and biodiversity loss are global and are not limited by national borders.

Therefore, IMM is expected to take an important place in Green Deal projects for Istanbul, the biggest city in Europe.

To deliver the European Green Deal, there is a need to rethink policies for clean energy supply across the economy, industry, production and consumption, large-scale infrastructure, transport, food and agriculture, construction, taxation and social benefits. To achieve such aims, it is essential to increase the value given to protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, the sustainable use of resources, and improving human health. The following titles stand out on realising the aims of the Green Deal:

  • Increasing the EU’s climate ambition for 2030 and 2050
  • Supplying clean, affordable and secure energy
  • Mobilising industry for a clean and circular economy
  • Building and renovating in an energy-efficient and resource-efficient way
  • Accelerating the shift to sustainable and smart mobility
  • From ‘Farm to Fork’: designing a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system
  • Preserving and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity
  • A zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment
  • Pursuing green finance and investment and ensuring a just transition
  • Greening national budgets and sending the right price signals
  • Mobilising research and fostering innovation
  • Activating education and training
  • A green oath: ‘do no harm’

Global problems need a global response.

The EU will continue to promote and implement ambitious environmental, climate and energy policies across the world. It will develop a more robust ‘green deal diplomacy’ focused on convincing and supporting others to take on their share of promoting more sustainable development.

Resource: EU Green Deal