• A Democratic Understanding of A Powerful Civil Society

An Interconnected Society Respecting the Diversity

A City with a Global Vision

Volunteers of Istanbul

For the first time in Turkey, Volunteers of Istanbul aim to achieve a structure that would serve as a model to all global metropoles.

This is a platform where anyone with the sense of belonging to this city, anyone dreaming of a better Istanbul who contributes to themselves, their family and their loved ones could voluntarily create a difference and grow together. To enable the realization of the projects that Istanbulites wish to launch, this platform develops plans on areas such as young people, women, stray animals, health, environment, and culture and organize the teams to collaborate.

IMM Workshops

These are platforms where democratic and participatory activities in restructuring of our city are held with Istanbulites.

Istanbulites express their ideas, suggestions, and demands for shaping the future of the city.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) adopted a participatory approach and included all Istanbulites in designing the Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. For getting the opinion of people from all strata, Workshops open to all Istanbulites are held on areas such as the Rail System, the Islands, Transportation, the Sea,  Work Security in Underground Projects, Tourism, Agriculture, Arts & Culture Platform.