• Statistics and Reports

Istanbul Statistics Office

Istanbul Statistics Office gathers all Istanbul-related statistics under its roof, compiling, analyzing and reporting data from primary and secondary sources on a micro scale to provide data-based management to decision-making mechanisms. The Office also deepens social awareness with the reports and indices it publishes.

Institute Istanbul

Istanbul City Research Center

It is the innovative, liberal, and democratic science center of Istanbul. By establishing cooperation between the scientists, researchers, experts and artists who in collaboration with the IMM administration think and work for Istanbul and with institutions and organizations such as the universities, NGOs, trade associations, chambers of industry and trade, etc. and aims to maintain the sustainability of their relations.

Istanbul COVID-19 Report

COVID-19 as known as the Coronavirus, immediately turned into a global threat. Like the previous epidemics, the pandemic that emerged caused the unpredictable social, economic, and political problems in the world beyond the death of numerous patients and a massive death toll. This pandemic continues to remain as the most distinct item of agenda in the daily lives and public discussion in Istanbul and our country in parallel with the world.

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