• Smart City

The Vision of a Smart City

We launch the informatics, technology, e-municipality, and smart city applications tor ender Istanbul, a city followed by the world. We initiate added value projects that will provide social and economic benefits to all our shareholders.

We aim to minimize the processes Istanbulites go through with the public bodies, providing online solutions to many operations and rendering the city more accessible.

Our target for 2024

  • Increasing the number of approx.  5 millionexisting IoT sensors to 25 million
  • With the help of the 5Gtechnology base enter the league of most successful smart cities in the world in Smart Industries, Informatics and Innovation areas
  • Enabling the reading of water, natural gas, and many other meters through sensors

Fiber Optic Solutions

  • Building the “uninterrupted communication infrastructure” that is Istanbul’s most critical requirement
  • Preventing repeated investments
  • Installing the uninterrupted communication infrastructure for cases such as earthquakes and natural disasters

5G and Smart City Infrastructure

  • Developing Istanbul’s fiber infrastructure through new investments as the world is getting ready for5G-related technologies and services

Istanbul Investment Agency evaluates the potential investors’ proposals for cooperation in a model where these investors provide the funds required for the investments.  Models such as revenue sharing, build-operate-transfer, and project-based joint venture will be evaluated and selected as part of the revenue-generating projects conducted for the benefit of public property and in line with the public-private cooperation principles.