• Sea Transportation

Our Target for 2024

Increasing the share of sea transportation to 10% from 4%

  • Potential investment opportunities arise for the investors as the share of sea transportation in Istanbul increases from 4% to 10% within the scope of public transport in general.
  • Affiliates of IMM; the Haliç Shipyard and City Lines Co. are deep-rooted institutions that made their mark on the industrial and commercial history of our city.
  • The sea taxi transportation network is planned with a total of 50 new taxis. Dialogues may be developed with the potential investors on production and operation.
  • Haliç Shipyard is the world’s oldest shipyard which is still in use and investment opportunities on its modernization, on the revenue generating activities of the shipyard and the activities for promoting Istanbul. We offer the investors the chance to create added value with the world-renowned Haliç’s brand value.
  • We are open to cooperate on the development and production of the environmentally friendly electric boats and ferries in our city.

Istanbul Investment Agency assesses the potential investors’ proposals for cooperation in a model where these investors provide the funds required for the investments.  Models such as revenue sharing, build-operate-transfer, and project-based joint venture will be evaluated and selected as part of the revenue-generating projects conducted for the benefit of public property and in line with the public-private cooperation principles.