• Recycling

From 19 thousand tons to 25 tons

We aim to increase the recycling level of daily municipal solid waste

We plan to strengthen the sustainable environment and energy management while increasing the level of recycling:

  • The number of existing “recycling plants is 18”, we plan to add9 more recycling plants”.
  • We intend to increase the level of “recycling” from %16 to 50% upon the launch of new recycling facilities.
  • The recycling model designed also plans to achieve the generation of sustainable energy. The latest technologies enable the power generation through the methane gas emerging from burnt thrash or landfill. There are available opportunities for investment with extremely charming prices on the sale of electricity within the scope of the YEKDEM (Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism).
  • In line with the existing projects, the existing capacity is envisaged to be increased from 72 MW to 250 MW. Potential investment opportunities are available for the launch of these projects as part of the public-private cooperation.

Istanbul Investment Agency  shall evaluate potential investors’ proposals for cooperation in a model where the funds required for the investments are provided by these investors. Models such as revenue sharing, build-operate-transfer, and project-based joint venture will be evaluated and selected as part of the revenue-generating projects conducted for the benefit of public property and in line with the public-private cooperation principles.