• Our Targets

Our Primary Target

Serving Istanbul within the framework of the Participation, Spirit of Sharing and Transparency


Easing the investment processes through local bureaucratic regulations and achieving sustainable development.


Contributing to recognition of Istanbul as a “regional hub” for various businesses in international platforms.


Reaching international funds, entrepreneurs and private equity groups and coordinating them with IMM and its affiliates.


Introducing Istanbul’s investment environment and large-scaled projects of IMM in line with the principles regarding participation, sharing and transparency.

Our Vision for Istanbul

A Just, Green and Creative City…

An Accessible City

A Resilient City with Improving Qualified and Functional Living Spaces

  • A Sustainable Urban Aesthetic Reflecting the Culture and History of the City
  • Urban Transformation Services Executed through Transparent and Participatory Practices
  • The Urban Planning Process Designed within the scope of the Istanbul 2050 Vision
  • Transparent and Participatory Administration Benefiting from Urban Computing
  • Social Awareness Improved through Enjoying Smart Systems and Technology
  • Efficiently Managed Public Work Implementation and Control Processes
  • An Integrated City Information System
  • Efficient Utilization of this System with Smart City Applications

Urban Transportation Developing in line with Sustainable Mobility

  • The Rail System Network with an Increasing Share in Public Transport
  • Public Transport with an Increasing Integration, Accessibility, and Quality
  • Increasing the Capacity of Maritime Transportation
  • Expanding the Smart Transportation Systems and Efficient Traffic Management through Transportation Infrastructure Applications
  • Integration of the Improved Infrastructure Management to New Technological Applications
  • Sustainable Highway Systems with Reinforced Infrastructure

A Participatory and Innovative Administration

  • IMM, its Subsidiaries, and Affiliates with Strengthened Communication, Coordination and Cooperation
  • Efficient and Functional Management of Physical Resources
  • Human Resources Structure and Capacity Boosted in line with Institutional and Administrative Competencies
  • Strengthened Critical Business Processes and Project Management System
  • Management System Strengthened with Measurable, Accessible and Reasonable Targets
  • A Decision-Making Mechanism that Regards the Experiences of Citizens Enabling the Equal and Effective Participation of All Shareholders to the Processes
  • A Fortified Corporate Reputation
  • Improved Institutional Information Technology Infrastructure
  • The Effectiveness of the Internal Auditing with Increased Awareness

A Sharing Istanbul

  • A City that Shares the Social Requirements in an Equal and Inclusive Fashion
  • Inclusive, Active, Efficient and Diverse Social Support Services
  • Services Developed for Social Groups with No Equal Rights

An Environment-Friendly Istanbul

  • Strengthened Sustainable Environment and Energy Management
  • Increasing Rate of Recycling through Waste Management
  • Increasing Number of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Lighting Facilities
  • Increasing Active Green Spaces Per Capita
  • Sustainable Green Areas
  • An Extensive Struggle Against Climate Change

A Living Istanbul

  • A City that Lives by Improving its Social Facilities
  • Exercise Alternatives Increasing by the Launch of Diverse and Accessible Physical Activity Opportunities
  • Improved Protective, Preventive and Therapeutic Healthcare Services that became Accessible, Inclusive and Active
  • City Libraries Increasing in Number and Quality
  • Upgraded Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Services for Stray Animals
  • Accessible, Inclusive and Dynamic Arts and Culture
  • Equal, Just and Impartial Licensing and Auditing Activities
  • Access to Healthy and Economical Food

A Producing Istanbul

  • Increasing Economic Value of the City
  • Improving Tourism Potential
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Centers Realizing the Creative and Innovative Potential of the City
  • Encouraged and Supported Planning and Entrepreneurship
  • Major Istanbul Economy
  • Supported Urban Agriculture

A Unique Heritage

  • Developing Cultural, Architectural and Natural City Heritage
  • Modern Museums Reflecting Istanbul’s Cultural and Historical Identity
  • Planned Tourism and Cultural Requirements
  • Istanbul’s Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory and Collections
  • Projectized, Documented, Protected and Restored Cultural Heritage Structures of the City

Financial Sustainability

  • Properties Managed in an Efficient and Functional Manner
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Procurement Processes Managed in a Transparent and Accountable Way that Achieves Savings
  • Creating New Sources of Income, Savings and Budgetary Discipline
  • Improving Alternative Financial Sources