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Contributing to Istanbul’s promotion on an international scale

Bringing the critical investment projects and the global financial institutions and investors together

  • Joining the ones wishing to take part in Local and Public partnership projects
  • Creating a network between the investors and the institutions
  • Building a bridge between the projects and the investors
  • Establishing sustainable business partnerships
  • Providing “incentives and funds” on a local basis
  • Stimulating local bureaucratic regulations
  • Collaborating with the municipalities in the world, building cooperation on healthcare, academies, and tourism
  • Developing strategies for new investments and achieving sustainable partnerships
  • Introducing the IMM and its projects abroad
  • Developing IMM’s cooperation with the international organizations
  • Contributing to IMM’s international recognition
  • Contributing to Istanbul’s global recognition
  • Reinforcing the perception of IMM as an “investor-friendly” establishment
  • Strengthening perception of the IMM as an actor “inclined to international cooperation.”