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20 million active cards offer unlimited advantages in the digital transformation process.

Istanbulcard All around the City!

Istanbulcard enables fare payment at over 10 thousand spots including 6.000 buses, 81 subway stations and 1.273 points, 43 Metrobus stations and 594 points, 66 sea transport stations, three cable car stations and 7 points, 52 tram stops and 382 points, 514 İspark car parks, 136 public toilets, and 5 thousand spots.

Our target: Increase Istanbulcard’s utilization in areas other than transport over 25% by 2024

“Istanbulcard” is designed as a model city card that contains 28 different applications. It supports various business development models through various electronic cash applications. In addition to its quality of serving as a ticket in public transport it is an electronic debit card designed for cashless transactions, for accelarating the transition to digital cash and facilitating payment processes. It contains an infrastructure that enables the execution of zero-touch transactions during shopping, installments and payment spots.

Istanbulcard doubles the number of Turkey’s most popular debit card. Utilization of Istanbulcard for purposes other than transport in 2019 is 1%

  • We launched the transformation of the “Public transport card” into a “digital life card.
  • Improved it with the latest technologies and turned it into an instrument of payment that serves as an “electronic debit card.
  • We enabled its utilization in transactions conducted in supermarkets and at other platforms regarding shopping, entertainment and service sector in addition to its usage in public transport.
  • As a leading electronic cash and payment company, Istanbulcard’s operator BELBİM A.Ş., and billions of Turkish Liras processed by this company are regulated by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.
  • You may contact Istanbul Investment Agency for investing in the digital transformation opportunities regarding the Istanbulkart.