Conducting its activities under the IMM Parks and Gardens Directorate, “Green Istanbul” informs citizens and tourists about the city’s hidden treasures through its website. The “Green Areas” tab of the site offers the opportunity to filter the green areas of the city according to various characteristics. The site includes a district-based list of green areas, also displays sports fields.

Thanks to the QR codes on the signs hanging in the green areas, travellers can choose the track they want and obtain information about the ecosystem. There are track frame QR codes such as Small Squirrel Track, Daisy Track, Acorn Track, Ecosystem Discovery Track, and there is also the option of “create your own track” on the signboards. With the QR codes at the end of the tracks, information about the ecosystem at the current point can be obtained.

With the vision of creating and maintaining sustainable urban green spaces and energy-efficient public spaces for Istanbulites, Green Istanbul aims to bring nature and people together with its orienteering tracks.

IMM signed the “Green City Action Plan” recently with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) therefore, the innovative transformation of the city is important for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.  The QR parkours of the Green Istanbul provide information through technology while it allows citizens to breathe.

Green parkours can be reached from here: