Istanbul Investment Agency operating over Isttelkom Istanbul Electonic Communications and Infrastructure Services Industry and Trade Co. adopts all technical and legal measures in line with the Law No.6698 on The Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) in processing your data due to the activities it executes. The legal basis for the process and collection of personal data, its transfer to third parties, and detailed information on the rights vested by the KVKK can be found in this clarification text.

A. Purposes of Processing Personal Data

Under the following circumstances, personal data can be processed by the data collector or the natural/legal persons assigned by the data controller:

  1. For the execution of the services as part of the duties and responsibilities of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (“IMM”) as per the Law No. 5216 on Metropolitan Municipalities and related legislation,
  2. For enabling communication and cooperation between the Agency and IMM, maintaining coordination, execution of shared tasks, identification of the requirements of our employees, fulfilling the contractual liabilities, maintaining occupational health and safety as well as business continuity, building a common database, facilitating the functionality of the common database, enabling communication and marketing, brand and reputation management,
  3. To avail the products and services manufactured and presented by the Agency, IMM and other IMM affiliates to the consumers, suppliers, our business partners and public institutions to achieve our commercial / public and social purposes,
  4. For providing reliable services to persons either living or remaining in Istanbul and enabling them efficient and rapid public services,
  5. For fulfilling our obligations stipulated by the relevant legislation and meeting our contractual liabilities,
  6. For the execution of our quality controls and standard audits and for achieving our other statutory responsibilities,
  7. For performing our after-service obligations,
  8. For the full implementation and control of the contracts which the Agency is a party to,
  9. For enabling the legal security of the natural/legal persons who are in connection with the Agency,
  10. For the identification and implementation of our business strategies,
  11. For the preparation of various reports, researches and presentations, for planning emergency management processes, monitoring financial and accounting procedures, maintaining the reliability of the Agency,
  12. For the introduction and announcement of the meetings, seminars and other social events either organized or attended by the Agency, photographs taken or videos recorded at the award ceremonies or corporate events, of the Agency and its activities and for informing the public opinion on the events above,
  13. For the notification of the amendments to the legislation or changes in our policies or for posting notices relevant to the data owner,
  14. For enabling Internet access to our visitors paying a visit to our premises,
  15. For achieving the security of our employees, visitors and Agency edifices through cameras and other safety measures and for controlling the entrances and exits,
  16. For detecting the communication and identification of the content in cases of communication with our call centers or via our company telephone with sound and call recordings,
  17. For the identification of services and planning and performance of various logistic activities,
  18. For carrying out the actions to achieve customer satisfaction,
  19. For generating statistical data, logging visitor information and enabling feedback during the visits to our website,
  20. For performing our operations regarding our personnel system more efficiently through platforms such as SAP, PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control System) and other platforms.

C. Transmission of Personal Data  

For the purposes mentioned above and in line with the conditions stipulated by KVKK, your processed personal data can be transmitted to:

  1. Our business partner or IMM and affiliates of the IMM for the performance of our services/business operations and the sustainability and coordination of our services/business opertions,
  2. Our suppliers, business partners and IMM and affiliates of the IMM in a limited fashion to provide our products and services,
  3. IMM, Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Public Procurement Authority and other authorized public institutions and organizations for the supervision of our operations qualified as public services in accordance with the relevant legal provisions and as part of the related contracts and agreements to private integrator companies, independent auditing companies, certified public accountants/accounting firms,
  4. Legally competent public institutions and organizations and judicial bodies, upon the requests of the related public institutions and organizations and limited to the purposes of their objectives,
  5. IMM which we are affiliated to, IMM affiliates and our suppliers and solution partners for building and launching a common database, achieving communication facilities and brand and reputation management,
  6. Suppliers for the identifying and implementing our strategies in respect to our services of public nature and our business operations,
  7. Natural/legal persons and public institutions and organizations we cooperate for the realization of the public services and the Agency’s areas of activity,
  8. Local and / or international private and public legal entities to increase the company’s recognition and brand value, improve the Internet infrastructure and update the company,
  9. IMM, affiliates of the IMM, and companies active in this area providing services in areas such as events, conferences, celebrations, weddings, etc. ,
  10. Occupational health and safety companies, hospitals and to healthcare providers for fulfilling the occupational health and safety requirements and for the execution of immediate medical responses, acıyla,
  11. Software companies and technologies firms whether local or located abroad for generating the database for the operating systems such as SAP, CRM, ERP, QDMS, Patrol, IOMA, etc and computer programs, for achieving their functionality and for the maintenance and repair of the programs,
  12. Solution partners and suppliers executing repair and maintenance activities and to the companies active in such areas,
  13. Institutions/organizations located in our country or abroad providing security, technology and cloud services,
  14. Consulting companies specialized in financial and commercial areas, administration and human resources for the development of new business areas, increasing our quality standards and decreasing the costs.

C. The Method and Legal Reason of Collection of Personal Data

Upon your explicit consent and within the limits of other terms of data collection enacted by KVKK,  personal data are collected in writing, orally or electronically by our Agency or natural/legal persons acting on behalf of our Agency through and not limited to the application forms, White Table, website, various contracts, all types of information forms,  surveys, job application forms, social media, written, oral and digital notices of IMM, affiliates of IMM, our suppliers and business partners, call centers.

Such data are collected for enabling our commercial and administrative services within the limits of the law and to this end Agency’s execution of its services, the full and precise execution of the duties of public nature as specified by the law and sustainability of its business life.

D. Destruction and Anonymizing of Personal Data

The Agency, stores the personal data for the process of this data and in line with the purpose of the data process. Personal data are kept until the expiration of the time set forth by the related legislation in case the purposes and / or reasons which require the process disappeared.  Destruction of and anonymizing the personal data as part of the exception arising from the public services shall be executed in line with legal provisions.

E. Rights of Persons whose Personal Data are under Process

As per Article 11 of Turkish Personal Data Protection Law, each person is entitled to:

  1. Learn whether his personal data are processed or not,
  2. Request information if his personal data are processed,
  3. Learn the purpose of his data processing and whether this data are used for intended purposes
  4. Know the third parties to whom his personal data are transferred at home or abroad,
  5. Request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately and request notification of the operations made in this respect to third parties to whom personal data have been transmitted.
  6. To request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately and request notification of the operations made in this respect to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred, upon the disappearance of reasons which require the process despite data being processed under the provisions of KVKK and other related laws,
  7. Object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of his personal data, which leads to an unfavorable consequence for the data subject,
  8. Request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of his personal data.

The requests regarding the rights mentioned above may be submitted in person through a registered and reply-paid letter and an ID card or written form through the notary to Agency’s address cited below. The requests will be concluded free of charge and as soon as possible considering the request’s nature and within 30 days at the latest. However, if the operation necessitates a separate cost, the fee in the tariff designated by the Board of Protection of Personal Data may be collected.

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