• About Us


Istanbul Investment Agency is a structure founded within the body of IMM for promoting Istanbul and for directing the potential investors towards Istanbul’s strategic and primary investment areas.

A vast majority of the companies with international capital in Turkey are located in Istanbul. At the same time, the city is on its way to become a global financial center. Istanbul’s being an international center of attraction has been creating positive externalities in the economy and contributing crucially to the economies of the region and the country.

To this end, the Istanbul Investment Agency performs its activities in the following areas:

  • Executes promotional activities to foreigners towards the progress of the identified strategic sectors in Istanbul.
  • Supports the investment areas of the IMM within the scope of the circumstances.
  • Assumes promotional functions in respect to the investment areas within the body of the IMM.
  • Builds and develops relations with international organizations.
  • Develops thematic projects and increases the unrequited fund receiving capacity of IMM.


Bringing the potential investments with the investors with a common platform that acts as a bridge between the local and international mentalities, recognizes the networks of international investors to increase the global city Istanbul’s share in international investments.

Increasing Istanbul’s global brand value in the eye of the investors.


Improving Istanbul’s strategic assets and leading sustainable development by revealing the city’s high economic potential.

As part of our new generation municipal approach, protecting all the city’s values and providing accessible services for achieving an Istanbul that produces and enjoys the cultural life and social life around the clock.

  • Elevating Istanbul’s significant economic potential and investment approach to a global scale;
  • Gathering the international investors in Istanbul and diversifying the city’s sources of finance;
  • Transforming the city into an attraction center.


·        People-Oriented Approach
·        Participatory Processes
·        Innovation
·        Accessibility
·        Solution-Oriented Approach
·        Efficiency
·        Being scientifics
·        Transparency
·        Social Inclusion
·        Spirit of Sharing
·        Environmental Awareness
·        Sustainability